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Diary of an Inconsistent Cook #16: Shakshuka Pork

In my previous blog I showed off the wonderful dish Shakshuka (egg poached in tomatoes) which is a very simple, and easy middle eastern dish.   This is one of my “pay it forward” meals where I take the leftovers and turn it into something else.  This time I happened to have some boneless pork chops thawing in the fridge and an empty crock pot.      I couldn’t find an exact recipe, but I do believe there is an African dish somewhere out there which uses a similar ingredients.       I’ve made pork chops with ketchup (I know, I know) and topped with onions and baked in the oven many times.  Leftover tomato sauce from a spaghetti dinner has also worked fabulously well.      If you need a recipe you can try this one I found for you at Taste of Home.

This entry, again, has no recipe.  I just took what I had and literally tossed it into one pot.    Cooking like the ancestors!


Crock pot + Pork Chops + Leftover Shakshuka Tomato Sauce

Get a pot, put in your pork, salt and pepper it, throw in the leftover tomato base.  Turn it on and walk away until it is cooked to your satisfaction.

Be patient.

Be patient.

Let it all come together.   Make some mashed potatoes while you are waiting or rice if you prefer.   A tip if you aren’t going to peel the tubers is to slice them like chips and boil.  They cook faster that way and the skins end up mashing smaller.    Don’t ever say I don’t give helpful advice in the absence of actual directions.

Serve and enjoy.

Serve and enjoy.

Yeah.  One pot bliss.  Okay, two pots but still bliss.



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