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Musings #8: Ten Things I Regret and Ten Things I Don’t Regret


Ten Regrets
10.  Not standing up to bullies in elementary school (or at least bitch to an adult until they noticed and did something).
9.  Not joining the drama club in my high school even just to do set construction.
8.  Missing the photo day for the yearbook staff.  I typed a good amount of the yearbook and I’m not pictured as staff!
7.  Not joining my high school’s newspaper staff because I thought I sucked and would be rejected.
6.  Not talking to that 20 something guy when I was 19 who smiled at me and picked up the bus change I dropped.  Surely, I thought he wasn’t smiling at me, but at the non-existent person behind me.
5.  Not joining any clubs in college.
4.  Not trying out for the college newspaper or literary publication.
3.  Letting myself getting talked out of taking a job interview that was out of my home city when I was 22.
2.  Being talked into riding the Superman Rollercoaster.
1.  Never going to ComicCon

Ten Not Regrets
10.   Quitting a job I hated and moving to a new city on my own.
9.  Going to Cancun for Spring Break.
8.   Traveling to Virginia Beach and Charlotte NC to visit long time gaming friends by bus and train by myself in my 20s.
7.    Joining the set construction and background players in a few college plays.
6.  Begging my mother until she broke down to let me go to computer camp when I was ten.
5.  Taking a horseback riding class one summer.
4.  Accepting a teaching job.
3.  Teaching myself how to build webpages in 1991
2.  Putting myself through college.
1.  Meeting my husband on when online dating as still very firmly entrenched in Creepville.


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