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My Pathetic Garden #5: I Spy Veggies!

Just a quick update on my little plots.   I am so excited!  It is okay to laugh at me for swooning and being giggly over one pepper and three pea pods (one of which I ate because I couldn’t help myself).



Compost update.   The right pile had a respectable steam going, but the left was only slightly warm, so I consolidated into one pile yesterday.  I dug into the bowels of my refrigerator for refuse to toss in there too.  You can’t see from this picture, but there is a good amount of green in there.


My first harvest.  One pepper, not a peck. And not enough to pickle.   No matter.   I growed it mah-self.


Let’s play Where’s Waldo with the peas.  I ate the biggest one, but there are two more babies in this shot.   I didn’t believe the garden video diaries when they said these things won’t have anything until you turn around and then they are there.   Totally true.,,,,

I am also excited to report other happenings!


I did not expect to get anything from those seeds I threw down last week.   Especially since my husband almost drove over them!   I don’t see the carrots yet, but three out of four makes me giddy.  Should I press my luck and plant some radishes and lettuce?

Oh!  I almost forgot.  My tomatoes are not throwing fruit in the over hot, humid weather.  They have grown tall with healthy looking leaves, however.   Usually I can’t grow them past my knees, and these are up to over three feet tall!


Maybe I should change this series title to, “Diary of a Haphazard Gardener”.


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