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That’s Totally Random #17: Musical Confessions

randommosaic2I have a confession to make.
I’m a closet K-pop fan.

I’m not a fan girl.  It is just that I like some of the songs and I have heard and listened to K-pop before.  Like before it was popularly known in the United States, but I didn’t go actively seeking it out.     The Koreans really know how to put on a show.   This particular one has been stuck in my head for a while.       I watch K-pop videos and I can see them channel the dance perfection of Michael Jackson, the stage pizzazz of Kiss,  the long-legged shimmies of Tina Turner, the coordination of sixties girl groups, the flamboyance of Madonna, the crazy of and David Bowie (well before Lady Gaga), a bit of Rhianna and Beyonce,  the chemistry of Backstreet Street Boys and Nsync, a dash of Pat Benetar, Bee-Gees, Village People, and Cyndi Lauper, the fun of early hip-hop and the swagger of modern hip-hop.   It’s like a mad-scientist genetically manufactured musical Cirque-du-Soleil!

The above clip is just their practice.  Below is their final video production.

To be honest, I go through periods where I don’t even listen to the radio or play a CD or watch a video or even listen to digital streaming.     And then…BAM…I can’t get enough of music.       I don’t have a favorite genre.  I listen to whatever catches my attention.   Hit or miss.     I do listen to a lot of pop and classic rock, but I also like classical, R&B, and non-American music.  If I hear it and I like it;  that’s good enough for me.     Though rap and hip-hop don’t have a plethora of songs I like, they do exist.   I tend to steer away from gritty-bitch-ho songs.  I prefer more light-hearted fun lyrics, or ones that are dark but meaningful.     More Will Smith than Snoop Dog.  Death Metal and hard-core punk not my thing, but if you were to introduce me to something that you thought I’d might like I’d be game to try a listen.

I don’t care.  I will listen Vitas (impossibly high voice) in Russian and not understand a single word, to Queen and follow it with Katy Perry then some Nine Inch Nails a dash of the Beatles and a smidgen of In Living Color.  Follow that with classic Jackson Five and then Michael Jackson the WTF years, and some Pentatonix and Gorillaz.    Madonna and Lady Gaga and Aretha Franklin.   Earth Wind and Fire, Dusty Springfield, Chuck Berry, Gotye, Sia, Poe, Pink Martini, and Weird Al Yankovic.   The songs at the end of Anime are always so catchy!    There’s room in my heart for one hit wonders, too.    Rock Me, Amadeus.    An most honorable mention to those people who rock out the cello and violin.  Really, I had no idea that those two instruments could rock out.

While I do appreciate the lyrical landmines of Nicky Minaj, she has produced very few songs that I will listen to again.   I preferred Latin-Pop early Jennifer Lopez than today’s Booty J-Lo.    I’ve got no problem with Iggy Azalea’s brand of music, but its got too little substance (without the quirky fun) for my taste.    Fancy was okay because I thought the tie in with the movie Clueless was really amusing.    My views on twerking and booty popping can be quite complicated, but that’s for another post.

Country can be a problem child.    I prefer more modern country, particularly country-rock, but I will listen to older country if there isn’t too much twang.     I’m not ashamed to admit that I like Man of Constant Sorrow.  I just do.     Other music I might not listen to on a daily basis, but put it in the right atmosphere and I will go along for the ride.     When I was running I found I liked techno!    When gaming there is something to be said for things like dub-step.     And yes, even the really ridiculous bubble-gum crazy songs that make no sense get stuck in my head: Hello-Kitty comes to mind.  I hate it, yet don’t hate it!   Ah, the eighties.  When I listen to sounds from the eighties, it isn’t always because the songs are incredible.  Sometimes you just want to feel good or be reminded of your youth.   And sometimes you just want to laugh and play that funky music while you shake your groove thing.

What is your musical confession?

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