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Mad Craft #7: Halloween Edition – Basic Budget Disney’s Inside Out Costumes

Halloween is my favorite holiday!   In the last few years I haven’t had the energy to go all out with the decorations or have a party, but I have embraced the family costumes the last few Halloweens.  It started with my daughter as a toddler cheerleader and me the coke-bottle glasses wearing Ref, then I got my darling husband to do the Flintstones two years ago, and last year we were the Scoobies (I had to be a guest star because I could find nothing that could transform me into Daphne.  Never fear.  I improvised and was a Groovy Guest Star).      We don’t always have the extra cash around here to splurge on even cheap costumes.  When my six year old daughter decided she wanted to be Fear from Inside out then proceeded to assign each of us our roles (including grandma), I heard a lot of cha-chinging in my head.       Luckily, though, it turned out that…uh…Inside Out turned out to be rather easy to improvise.

Before beginning to put on the makeup, put a little stick glue on the eyebrows so they disappear.  The makeup also won’t stick to them for easy removal.    Be mindful of what makeup you use!  I can’t be responsible for tinted skin or makeup that doesn’t wash out easy.   I used a cheap soap-and-water wash cream makeup in a tube (one tube did all of our makeup) that cost me a dollar.


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1.  markdown white cream makeup tinted with gel food coloring and black makeup I had on hand. $0.25
2.  1 red ribbon tied into a bow tie ripped from a box of chocolates from a past Valentine’s Day (yeah, I kept the ribbon!) $0
3.  1 toddler stripped dress that now fits as a vest (on hand) over a white long sleeve shirt $0
4.  black head band and black pipe cleaner for Fear’s cowlick $0
5.  black temporary hair color $2.99
6.  Six year old acting $priceless

Totall:  $2.28


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1.  markdown white cream makeup tinted with gel food coloring and black makeup I had on hand. $0.25
2.  1 blue t-shirt from the dollar store in “grow into it” size (waste not!) $1.00
3.  blue temporary hair color $1.29
4.  three year old acting sad $priceless

Totall:  $2.54


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1.  markdown white cream makeup tinted with gel food coloring and black makeup I had on hand. $0.25
2.  1 yellow t-shirt from the dollar store decorated with the blue starbursts using blue chalk $1.00
3.  blue bob wig cut into Joy’s hairstyle (yes, I cut it!)  $5.99
4.  dollar store makeup (blush, 3-in-1 eye shadow, lipstick) $3.00

Total:  $10.25



1.  1 head-sized box from work $0
2.  1 dress shirt, tie, and trousers $0
3.  glue, sharpie and card stock scraps from wife’s stash $0
4.  can of red spray paint  $4.25

Total:  $4.25


Grandma (not shown) did her own costume.  She had a pretty green circle skirt dress already and bought a $15 green wig on Halloween day for instant Disgust!


Happy Halloween 2015!

Grand Total (Excluding Disgust):   $19.32

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