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Yeah Write #12: Unauthorized Entry (What She Is – Excerpt #amwriting )


The Golden Retriever greeted Inez with a few licks and she itched a tender spot at his neck as she let him take a treat from her fingers.    Finding the animal’s home hadn’t been difficult.  Their daily, well-traveled route meandered pleasantly from the central park through a more affluent neighborhood and back.     Since their meeting of chance, she visited this property in the early hours after Paula, his owner,  released him to the small yard before leaving for work and again in the late evening on warm nights to sleep in the doghouse.   A small home in a middle income, quiet neighborhood with an overgrown corner and high fence.   She watched the fluffy, golden tail disappear through the automatic doggy door and heard the electronics reset just before it opened again and he returned excitedly breathing hard through something in his mouth.     The dog sat obediently in front of her then dropped something round, formerly green, and ratty.   It rolled — fresh slobber picking up new dirt — and came to a rest against her shoe.

“You are a terrible guard dog, Winston,” she admonished, before throwing the tennis ball in a hard bounce.

She emerged from behind the corner where Winston had hard packed the ground from rolling and enjoying the shade from three trees growing as one and overrun forsythia and spirea bushes.     The fence there formed a very narrow alley with the  neighboring yards just barely chest wide.   Had her bosom been more ample she would not have been able to side shimmy between to reach the the fence boards and loosen them.      Paula left when the morning was still new, dew still on the grass, and most of the neighborhood still asleep.      Inez picked up a soda bottle from the green recycle bin and used her Swiss army knife to cut a long strip of plastic from it and reburied it under the other items.    Winston returned with the ball and she tossed it again.    Inez ignored the rear and front doors which had sturdier locks and instead turned her attention to the below ground cellar door covered only by a rotting green bulkhead.  The right doors would always open. Winston whined when she disappeared, but she heard him pacing then enter the house.

Using the long piece of plastic shoved between the door frame, she quickly disengaged the old knob door lock and the bar lock inside.   Light gloves protected her hands.    Inez stepped inside the surprisingly empty cellar and found the stairs where Winston was shoving his nose under the door and scratching the floor.     She passed a treat under the narrow space before she opened it and shook her head.   No effort nor challenge.

“And where is the ball?”  she asked, shooing him off.  “You aren’t much of a retriever either, hmm?”   Winston answered with a snuff and turned his attention to making a puddle of his water bowl.

She touched nothing and had no interest in anything other than the layout of the home.   The door had lead her to the kitchen and looking towards the living room.   Upstairs she peered at two bedrooms and a bathroom.   The spare room, designated for storage, looked as if it hadn’t been entered in some time.     The master bedroom, modest in size, had it’s own bathroom  and just one small window.    It was drowned in shadows even in the day.    Inez sat in the middle of the floor and sighed and the dog rested his warm body in her lap and stared at her expectantly.  Inez drank in the scents and anticipation.   Paula was healthy; the aroma of her blood tempted.

“Don’t rush me.   I’m thinking,” she whispered into a fuzzy ear.  “I might stick around here — in the city — for a while longer. ”   Winston looked at her and snuffed through his nose.  “True.  I can take what I want when I want; it’s easy enough.   But, if I’m going to stay I shouldn’t just ‘eat and run’,”   She laughed at herself, then rubbed her neck with a heavy sigh.     “I’ve been feeling kind of tired of the skulking lately.  People are exhausting, right? But I wouldn’t have to squeeze through that damn fence anymore.   What do you say?   Will you help me make a friend?   I promise, I wasn’t going to hurt her.  Either way, she’ll be fine and I won’t tell anyone what a shitty watchdog you are.”   Winston shuff-barked and thumped his tail on the carpet.



8 comments on “Yeah Write #12: Unauthorized Entry (What She Is – Excerpt #amwriting )

  1. innatejames
    December 30, 2015

    I smell a vampire story. Yes?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Laissez Faire
      December 30, 2015

      Oh yes! It’s my novella I’ve been working on. I’ve got about 25000 words. I have written around 40000 but I rewrote some parts 🙂 I’ve had a little trouble lately writing some of it, so I’ve been using some of the prompts from yeah write here and there to write snippets.


      • innatejames
        December 31, 2015

        You portioned out the clues really well here. Yes, I had to ask if it was a vampire story, but I think you want it to be vague enough that the reader isn’t sure why she’s in the house. And the fact that I was right tells me you’ve succeeded.


  2. Jennifer G. Knoblock
    December 31, 2015

    I enjoyed the layering of the sinister elements as the story progressed, with the poor dog as the normalcy-foil.


    • Laissez Faire
      December 31, 2015

      Thanks for the feedback. It has been a learning experience to pack so much into 750 words.


  3. Michael
    December 31, 2015

    I thought it was a vampire story too. I hope my own dog would be a better guard than that, if a vampire swung by my house….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Laissez Faire
      December 31, 2015

      Hah! Thank you. I am glad this snippet reads as vampire. To be fair to old Winston, it wasn’t their first encounter 🙂


  4. Meg
    December 31, 2015

    It took me a minute to figure out where this is headed, but I think that is a good thing. Just enough reveal. The dog does not seem afraid of her, which introduces all kinds of possibilities for this vampire.


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