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Musings #15: April Fools’ Day Pranks – Just Plain Mean or All In Good Fun?

aprilfoolsdayenhanced-20426-1426726332-8Among some mom’s in a group I am a member a question came up on whether pranks on April Fool’s Day were mean or all in good fun which was prompted by this link:  41 Genius Pranks for April Fool’s Day.        Well, that depends on two things in my opinion:

1.  Are you pranking to make the other person laugh or cry?
2.  Is the person the type who you know would like the prank?

A prank can only be good-natured if it is meant to bring a smile to the person’s face.   If you “scare prank” a person who hates to be scared, then that would be mean-spirited.     On the other hand, if you know that the person would enjoy a plastic snake in their lunchbox and would likely really enjoy retaliating with a plastic bug in your sandwich — go for it!      Little children do not understand puns or sarcasm, so pranking them with promises and tricks  and scares that they don’t understand is definitely mean.     Several of the 41 pranks in the list I would never do to children for that reason, and a few I would never do even with an adult.  Switching the cereal bags – harmless for 99% of people.    Frosting in the face – not harmless for a whole lot of people!

Two people need to enjoy the prank.     I for example, would love the googly eyes prank from the 41 Pranks list.  However, someone who is fastidious about things may not like to be finding fake eyes all over the house for the next year.     My kids would love the idea of a Topsy-Turvy dinner where I would make the mashed potato ice cream and veggie pops for the entrée, then follow that with the jello juice, peach egg, and the chicken not pie for dessert.        I made green eggs and ham for St. Patrick’s Day, so I know there is no harm.  However, a child who is sensitive about food may not be a candidate for that sort of thing!

Sometimes in the spirit of fun, people make an error in judgment and the prankee is upset (especially children).   In that case, make amends and apologize instead of telling them they are being bad sports.     Yes, especially apologize to children!

Before carrying out any tricks this April Fool’s take a cue from that little girl with the red balloon from Sesame Street who always asked herself, “What would happen if I popped this balloon?”


3 comments on “Musings #15: April Fools’ Day Pranks – Just Plain Mean or All In Good Fun?

  1. tahtahme
    March 24, 2015

    I thought a lot on this list were cute! Obviously all children are different, and hopefully mom/dad know their child’s limits and respects them, however if you start your 3-6yrold with minor “tricks” that delight them (such as the planting donuts, or sewing their socks, or getting “brown E’s” instead of brownies lol that was good, I will do that to my class) you might be in for an awesome family tradition when they are older! Perhaps save the caramel onions for when they are in highschool or college, cuz they need to be able to move out after you piss them off like that 😜

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    • Laissez Faire
      March 24, 2015

      Oh, yes with a right attitude and a willing prankee it could be a very punny day! Some people though, take it too far, don’t think things through, or take the other person into consideration. Got to know your audience as they say!

      Liked by 1 person

      • tahtahme
        March 24, 2015

        So true….if you’ve got a prissy 5yr old, it might be best to not pop a balloon covered in frosting in her face….but not everyone has common sense and this includes parents. Good points! Good article!

        Liked by 1 person

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