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What’s Up Doc #15: Why Fates? Why? — #NYCMidnight SSC Round 2 GR4


If hell exists, I am sure one of them is the Ring of RomCom.

Open marriage?   No problem, I can work with that.   A scultpor?  Okay.  Not sure how I’m going to give that a unique twist, but there’s potential.

Romantic Comedy…


no scream photo: NO! The-Office-gifs-the-office-14948948-240-196_zps5c1584eb.gif

Why do they even have this category!
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All you need in a romantic comedy is spot on pacing, comedic moments that don’t appear contrived, will-they-won’t they moments that don’t seem forced, loveable characters, a relatable plot,  a kiss, possibly a wedding, and pixie dust.
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By the way.  That must be done in three days.  No more than 2000 words.


nope photo: Fillon nope rlo6R.gif


This genre really made me question my writing abilities.   I needed to lean heavily on my SciFi crutches to even start.  The drafts varied only by degrees of suckitude.  I didn’t finish the first draft because at 2000 words I was only halfway through the story.    The second draft I turned my main characters into two catty bitches and one top-notch jerk ass.   The third draft, the “he’s not telling her everything” angle I’d chose had become impossible to write without nonsensical convolutions.    The fourth incarnation didn’t make me gag, but it was over by 500.    I edited it and ended up with a draft of 2800 words!    I killed all the darlings, snuffed almost all adverbs, shortened sentences, pared down the setting, and I still had to cut and choose between important romantic elements.


headpiano photo: *headpiano* headpiano.gif


My beta readers at the NYCMidnight forums pointed out serious issues and spared my YeahWrite betas  The Write Melony, Donna Newshound to Novelist the scourge that was the second draft.  Innatejames encouraged me at my lowest point when I was just ready to throw in the towel.


nope photo: NOPE 1342025057720.gif

I managed to get something put together and reasonably edited with thirty minutes to spare.    Do I think I will place?

nope photo: nope nope.gif

I did cross some RomCom T’s :

Meet Cute
Love Triangle
Opposites Attract
Birds of a Feather
Awkward Naked Moment
Oops, Did I Do That?
Communicatus Interruptus
Character Driven Obliviousness
The Kiss
Happy Ending

I set it in the future to avoid certain customary catalysts of jealousy drama in a love triangle.   It did end up with a bumpy, too-fast pace.   A lot of vision ended up on the cutting floor.

checklist photo: Ryan Howard checklist Officenote.gif

It is done.

I plan on spending this week recovering.   Perhaps, after some deep introspection and a few cocktails I’ll return with meaningful, character-developing insight.


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