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Diary of an Inconsistent Cook #54: Potsticker Gyoza Pan Fried Dumplings (#homecooking)

How about that title?

I love these things so much, I am rebooting my original post with more deliciousness.    Potstickers, Chinese Zhao Ji, Japanese Gyoza, Korean Mandu, and Peking Ravioli (if you are from the Bah-stin area) are essentially the same thing.  They vary in size and filling.   In my opinion, Peking ravioli can be too-far Americanized in some restaurants and can sometimes be double deep fried with a strange moo go gai pan flavor.  Be careful if you order Peking Ravioli from the menu, as it may be off the mark.  Know your restaurant or ask the server.  Mostly it should be just a name change to cater to the Boston area clientele – kind of like those soft Chinese rolls and other unique flavors that exist no where else.

I had to make the wrappers by hand and hoisin sauce in addition to the filling.   You can go ahead and cheat and buy your dumpling wrappers and buy some hoisin.  Just so you know Wonton wrappers tend to be egg based and thinner and while round dumpling wrappers tend to be thicker and usually have no egg in them.    To be honest, I don’t think it makes much of a difference — they are both tasty.  However, if you want the classic dumpling shape, your wrapper needs to be round.    Can you make them with the squares.  Sure.   Do what you want, it will still taste good!

I have some recipe variations to share.   I am an inconsistent cook of course and I often create Frankenrecipes.  It’s just how I roll.    I have used each of these versions and mixed and matched them to my own tastes and what’s in my pantry at the time, or sometimes I just simplify because I’m lazy.

Your mileage may vary!

Part 1

3 comments on “Diary of an Inconsistent Cook #54: Potsticker Gyoza Pan Fried Dumplings (#homecooking)

  1. Robin
    December 14, 2016

    Frankenrecipes! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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